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Chernivtsi (Chernovcy)

Chernivtsi (also known as Chernovcy or Czernowitz) is an obvious starting point for any visit in the region. Situated in the foothills of the Carpathian mountains, this city of some 270,000 inhabitants is renowned as a centre of education, science and culture.

  Chernivtsi State Theatre - source: Wikipedia

Chernivtsi evolved rapidly during the period of Austrian rule, from 1774 to 1918, taking on a European architectural character that remains to this day. While the German influence predominated, the religious and cultural traditions of Ukrainians, Romanians, Poles and Jews all left their mark on the city. With regard to the latter, the Center for Jewish Art website contains impressive architectural reconstructions of the Great Synagogue and Temple of Czernowitz.

Chernivtsi University, founded 1874   Today, Chernivtsi is perhaps best known to the rest of Ukraine for its respected university, with its distinctive red-brick walls, founded in 1874.

For more information about travel to/from Chernivtsi, as well as local hotel accommodation, see the Travel Information section.

: 75 km south of Tovste

Visiting: Guided tours with interpretation can be organised through the Cheremosh Hotel, amongst other travel agencies. It is worth staying at least a couple of days in Chernivtsi to visit the important landmarks, but shorter city tours of just a few hours can also be arranged.